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A short JRPG with dungeon crawler Gameplay, set in the world of Gewalia.
Help Zasha, Alphonse and Ashantie to discover the reason behind
"The Core" and put an end to both it and the monsters inside the seemingly endless labyrinth inside.


  • Classic JRPG turn based battle system
  • A Unique Leveling and Job / Promotion System
  • Several Side Quests
  • A Post Game Super Boss


v1.1 [28.04.2017]

  • Color Coded the Town Buildings for easy navigation
  • Added More Object Interactions inside the Town.
  • A few Lore-related changes to both the Soul Grid and two Items.
  • Fixed an Issued with the first Boss
  • All monsters received a buff in their Max HP
  • "Mines" on the other hand got their HP cut in half

v1.2 [12.6.2017]

  • Added two more object interactions in town
  • Fixed several Monster AI issues
  • Fixed an Issue with the "Null All" skill
  • Fixed status condition resistances
  • Fixed two mapping mistakes.
  • Updated the Bridge tiles inside The Opal Icelands
  • Updated the Sparkle effects inside the Soul Grid
  • Several small fixes

v1.3 [30.6.2017]

  • Fixed Several typos and false item descriptions
  • Fixed the "E.L.F. Quest 3" quest line.
  • Fixed an Issue with "E.L.F. Quest 2"
  • Adjusted the Final Bosses parameters
  • Removed a glitched invisible wall
  • Several small fixes


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More information

Published 136 days ago
Release date 136 days ago
AuthorTC Games | TrueCynder
GenreRole Playing
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


TNB - Labyrinth of Oblivion [v1.3] [Newest] (111 MB)